Shadows know more.

“So don’t be frightened, dear friend, if a sadness confronts you larger than any you have ever known, casting its shadow over all you do. You must think that something is happening within you, and remember that life has not forgotten you; it holds you in its hand and will not let you fall. Why would you want to exclude from your life any uneasiness, any pain, any depression, since you don’t know what work they are accomplishing within you?” Rainer Maria Rilke (Letters to a Young Poet)

Paris, Clok’s serie (tentative d’épuisement, depletion attempt) of Belleville, candid right now, August 2013 (mobile photography; Hipstamatic, BlacKeys SuperGrain, Jane Lens — sorry for my Oggl, IG & Flickr friends who follow my work here too, I usually don’t post twice but… the exception proves the rule!).