Man in three subtractive color primaries.

«Plus je deviens laid, vieux, méchant, malade et pauvre, et plus je cherche à réparer mon échec en rendant mes couleurs éclatantes et bien proportionnées, rayonnantes.» Van Gogh.

“The uglier, older, meaner, iller, poorer I get, the more I wish to take my revenge by doing brilliant color, well arranged, resplendent.”

Funchal, Madeira, March 2013 

“L’appareil est un outil. Un outil ne pense pas. Derrière l’outil il y a mon œil, mon cerveau. Chaque cerveau est unique. Au moment du déclic il a fait un choix. L’acte photographique est une chose mentale. Il n’y a pas d’objectivité.” Willy Ronis.
(“The device is a tool. A tool doesn’t think. Behind the tool there’s my eye, my brain. Every brain is unique. At the click time, he chose. The photographic act is a mental thing. There’s no objectivity.”)
Willy Ronis dedicated a book to the Belleville inhabitants in the 50’s – this link is in french, but never mind, there’s some of the photos he made there.

Paris, Belleville, Clok’s serie of Belleville, August 2012 (DSLR).

Blue mood in Belleville.

I live in the quartier for more than 15 years. Artists, poor people, young people, well-to-do families, old people, a lot of children, adrift people, communities of different cultures and religions mix there. Some days, it’s really hard, even violent, mostly, it’s peaceful.

When I began to photograph streets, it was my purpose: to show Belleville, my Paris area (I’ve create a page gathering all my Belleville shots, on my Tumblr, BnW, colors, mobile photo & DSLR mixed). I return for a few days to my initial purpose.

Paris, BellevilleClok’s serie of BellevilleAugust 2012 (DSLR).

“Otto” (Otto means “eight” in italian).

Paris, rue de Rivoli, August 2012 (DSLR).